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NEAR Development 101


Build your own NEAR Dapp based on what you learned from the materials.


What you can earn in this community:

Upon successful completion
22NEAR Rewards
7 NEAR/Feedback; 15 NEAR/Submission

Challenge objectives

Your Dapp can build upon our provided code but have additional features or even have an entirely different purpose. You also should modify the smart contract in a meaningful way. (To learn more please check the evaluation criteria in the Rating Rubric below).
Write a sentence that explains your Dapp to post in your submission. Please include a more detailed description of your Dapp and a link to the demo into the readme file of your repository.
Publish your Dapp to GitHub and submit the link to your repository. Please include your contract code in the repository.


The following learning materials will equip you with the technical expertise required to successfully address the challenge.
NEAR Development 101
In this course, you will learn basic NEAR concepts and build a marketplace dapp on top of the NEAR blockchain.

Rating Rubric

0PointsYou used the same contract code as in the example or only changed names and variables.
3PointsYou adjusted the contract to your needs.
8PointsYou added a new function that is very different from the ones in the modules, but necessary for your needs.
12PointsYou created multiple new functions very different from the ones presented in the learning modules or by your peers.
0PointsYour Dapp is not functional.
4PointsYour Dapp has only minor problems.
6PointsYour Dapp is working without any problems.
8PointsYour Dapp has no problems and the code is readable and well documented.