Peer to peer learning

Dacade makes learning multiplayer

Learn to build amazing projects and get feedback from your peers.
Earn crypto using your new skills by building amazing Dapps and giving feedback to your peers.
Connect with other learners and businesses, and build together.
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  • Communities of Practice

    Sui Community

    Learn to create decentralized applications on Sui.

    Earn rewards
    in 0 Courses

    Internet Computer

    Learn to create decentralized applications on the Internet Computer.

    Earn rewards
    in 3 Courses

    Artificial Intelligence

    Learn to create with Artificial Intelligence.

    Earn rewards
    in 2 Courses

    Algorand Community

    Get to know Algorand, learn how to write Algorand contracts and build dapps.

    Earn rewards
    in 1 Course

    Ethereum Community

    Learn Ethereum smart contract and dapp development.

    Earn rewards
    in 1 Course

    NEAR Community

    Get to know NEAR and learn how to write NEAR contracts and dapps.

    Earn rewards
    in 1 Course

    Celo Community

    Learn about key concepts and how to write smart contracts and Dapps on Celo.

    Earn rewards
    in 5 Courses

    Blockchain Theory

    Learn about the most important concepts of Blockchain technology

    Earn rewards
    in 1 Course

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    We know that developer community growth is a top priority for software projects in this highly competitive space; that's why we created dacade.

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