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TypeScript Smart Contract 101

TypeScript Smart Contract 101

This course provides an introduction to developing on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) platform using TypeScript. You will learn the basics of building and interacting with smart contracts on the ICP.

Learning Objective

After finishing the learning materials you will:

Understand the unique features of the ICP platform and how it differs from other blockchain platforms.
Be able to set up your development environment for building decentralized applications on the ICP platform.
Build a messaging smart contract (canister) in TypeScript that performs CRUD operations and be able to interact with it.


In order to complete this course you should:

Have knowledge of TypeScript and Node.js.
Have a text editor, preferably Visual Studio Code, due to its excellent support for TypeScript and Node.js development.
Be familiar with the terminal and command line interfaces.

Learning Modules

These are the learning modules included in this course.

Introduction to the Internet Computer

43 minutes

In this very short learning module, we will provide you with the essential resources that you need to understand the ICP platform.

Setting Up, Building, and Interacting with Smart Contracts on the Internet Computer

100 minutes

This module teaches you how to set up your development environment, understand the boilerplate code for a TypeScript (Azle) project on the ICP platform, as well as build and interact with a simple messaging smart contract (canister) that performs CRUD operations.