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AI Web App Development 101


Create your own AI web app with a unique idea.


What you can earn in this community:

Upon successful completion
140DAC Rewards
40 DAC/Feedback; 100 DAC/Submission

Challenge objectives

Develop a unique AI web app. The app should not a direct replication of existing concepts or ideas.
Ensure that your user experience with the AI web app leads to great results and is enjoyable to use.
Please publish your AI web app code on GitHub and submit the link to your GitHub repository, such as Please also include the link to your ChatGPT conversation in the readme, so people can learn from your prompts.
Hint: If you need an idea for a different use case, ask on our Discord server.


The following learning materials will equip you with the technical expertise required to successfully address the challenge.
Vector Database Integration with OpenAI's GPT
This comprehensive course guides you through creating, integrating, and querying vector databases in conjunction with OpenAI's GPT models. Enhance AI applications with personalized data vectors for a richer, smarter user experience.
AI Web App Development 101
In this course, you'll set up your project environment, brainstorm ideas, and build a Proof of Concept (POC) for an AI Web App with the help of ChatGPT.

Rating Rubric

Idea Originality
0PointsYour AI web app idea is common or very similar to existing applications.
30PointsYour AI web app shows some innovation but has clear influences from existing applications.
40PointsYour AI web app idea is innovative, offering a unique approach or tackling an uncommon problem.
Implementation Functionality
0PointsYour AI web app does not work or fails to deliver its intended functionality.
10PointsYour AI web app partially works but may have significant bugs or missing key features.
20PointsYour AI web app works well and delivers its intended functionality.
User Experience
0PointsThe user experience of your AI web app is not considered or poorly implemented.
30PointsThe user experience of your AI web app is well-implemented and the user is getting good results.
40PointsThe user experience of your AI web app is outstanding, getting great AI results and being very enjoyable to use.